4 Reasons Why You Should Enrol Your Child for Summer Swimming Camps

Puzzled whether to register your kid for a Summer Swimming Camp or not? Go ahead. Motivate your kid to learn and excel in swimming owing to its significant benefits to gain a healthy state of social and physical activity, apart from safety.
Summers are, especially the time-periods when every kid loves to spend his/her time in cold waters. Besides being recreational, it’s a perfect workout for the fitness of your ward as compared to other sports. Moreover, swimming is fun in itself and kids love fun-filled sports.
It’s time for exciting summer swimming camps for your kids and here are reasons why swimming camps summers are useful:

  1. Physical Fitness
    • Apart from being a cardiovascular workout, it imparts strength and flexibility.
    • It not only enhances a child’s heart and lung capacity, but also streamlines his/her body posture. This sport aids him/her to maintain balance, instil co-ordination and improve kid’s stamina.
    • It is the best way to deal with the most common problems of today’s children, i.e. obesity and juvenile diabetes.
    • As compared to other sports, swimming, also puts less stress on tendons and ligaments of the joints and is also, less prone to injuries.
    • Being a technical sport, it leads to skill development amongst kids.
  2. Emotional Fitness
    • The upthrust of water, on its own, makes the kids feel de-stressed and relaxed; especially from studies, improving their overall mood.
    • It enhances emotional and mental state of mind and aids to combat depression.
    • It leads to the development of positive attitude and a good self-confidence.
    • The various swim meets enable a child to learn how to deal with winning and losing at times, emotionally and prepares him/her with ups and downs of life to some extent.
    • Swimming meets appear challenging to kids. And, victories make them more self-confident and help them develop strong faith in their capabilities.
  3. Social Fitness
    • Swimming camps make kids smarter and improves their social skills. It imparts the lessons of sport and sportsmanship.
    • The kids learn to work in co-ordination with team mates, officials and coaches, administering the qualities of patience, sacrifice and doing away the ego.
    • It is a perfect team sport that excites each and every kid.
    • Through private lessons or group lessons, children learn to value time and a sense of punctuality is incorporated in them.
  4. Swimming – A Life Safeguarding Sport
    • In accordance with KidsHealth.org, the second major cause of death of people aged between 5 and 24, is Drowning. So, learning how to swim saves a child from such tragedy.
    • Learning swimming reduces the risk of drowning if he/she happens to fall in a water body accidently or is caught in the waves of water at the beach.
    • As it’s a life-saving sport, every child should learn as early as possible.

So, reduce prolonged screen time for your kids this summer; motivate and encourage your kids to be a part of swimming camps - to incorporate fun, health, confidence and not the least, the safety of his/her precious Life.

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