7 Major Aspirations of Parents & Kids from Summer Swimming Camps

At the thought of enrolling the child in a summer swimming camp, parents innately tend to develop expectations, aspirations and dreams that are directed to boost-up the swimming potential and confidence of your child in the water. Children too feel excited to be with friends at the swimming pool to spend their vacation time.

Aspirations and expectations of parents from summer swimming camps:

  1. Safety:
    • Life security of the child is the foremost expectation, which parents have from a swimming camp.
    • Deployment of life-saving guard with full life saving equipment at the hours of practice, electrical equipment with safety codes
    • Deployment of life-saving guard with full life saving equipment at the hours of practice, electrical equipment with safety codes
    • Use of non-slipping material, in and all around the pool.
  2. Trustworthy, qualified and experienced swimming coach:
    Parents pine for a coach who

    • understands and comforts their children.
    • drives away the fear of water with a knack.
    • talks liberally and kids could speak out their concerns without hesitation.
    • makes them learn swimming in a play-way manner.
    • could be a role model for their child.
    • is organized and keeps the parents well informed in advance.
  3. Good physical and mental health:
    • Swimming drills/exercises to be followed up daily for strong bone and muscle development and improved flexibility, posture and balance of the body.
    • Varied workouts and swimming period to be manipulated to increase the stamina of a child.
    • Some parents also want to reduce the fat around the bellies of their children and get them in shape.
    • Snacks/meals offered to the kids, should be well balanced and nutritious.
  4. Cleanliness of the swimming pool:
    • The swimming pool chemistry – the level of chlorine should be appropriate.
    • Pools should be cleaned on a regular basis and monitored constantly.
  5. No sexual exploitation:
    • Parents are very critical towards the protection of their kids from sexual abuse.
  6. To incorporate social values:
    • Children learn to make friends, how to interact and get social.
    • They learn the values of team-spirit, co-operation, punctuality, respecting the elders and many more.
  7. To improve their child:
    • Individual improvement and emotional balance owing to wins and losses during swimming meets.
    • On-time completion of swimming tasks and becoming a known swimmer, leads to a more self-confident children.
    • Expect a stable, loving, and supportive environment at the summer swimming camp for proper growth of the kid.

Expectations of kids from summer swimming camps:

  • Fun: Being a water sport, swimming in itself is an adventurous and fun-thrilled activity that charms the kids.
  • Health & Fitness: Swimming is a great and enjoyable way to getting in shape and staying fit, especially during summers when other physical activities become fatiguing.
  • Spend time with friends: At the pools, being with friends, chit-chatting, joking with them and making new friends is a wonderful way for kids to employ their vacation time.
  • Compete: Kids love to compete in various swimming competitions to know their calibre and get confident.
  • Improve the technique of swimming: To excel in swimming and conquer swimming meets and to be recognized as a good swimmer, every kid aspires to improve his/her swimming technique and times, by enrolling in a summer swimming camp.
  • Individual Improvement: Owing to team spirit developed during relays, winning /losing the meets, feelings on completion of swimming tasks, and motivational compliments paves the way for all round individual progress, which a child looks for during a swimming camp.

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