SwimIndia.in is an online swimming portal, web and mobile application developed by Cialfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd., with an aim to educate the swimming community creating a social platform and providing opportunities to Interact, Inspire and Achieve. Cialfo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. focuses to develop, maintain and promote SwimIndia to reach all swimmers, so that they can derive maximum benefits from the portal.

What is SwimIndia?

SwimIndia is the ideal information and social networking platform for swimmers, coaches, kids, students, parents, swimming enthusiasts, swimming clubs, associations and schools to learn, interact and network. It promotes a sporting and a swimming culture by providing usable information like tips, training and diet information, useful information about swimming clubs, training centres, etc.

SwimIndia makes it easier for swimming community to create Meets and record their performance in the Events they participate. They can track their progress by viewing the Best Times clocked from all the Events recorded. Swimmers can build their own community by inviting members to join their network and interact with them while spreading the word about their achievements, upcoming Meets, Events etc., not only within SwimIndia.in network but also in various social media channels. They can also create and join different Groups for exchanging relevant information and knowledge.

SwimIndia is responsible for providing relevant information on the recent happenings in the swimming world, keeping its veracity and authenticity intact. It strives to serve the most exciting sport “swimming” through its core objectives: Educate swimmers, parents, coaches and swimming enthusiasts, Promote swimming meets, swimmer's achievements through networking and build talent through opportunities.

SwimIndia Mission & Vision

The Mission of SwimIndia is to assist the Swimming Community comprising of swimmers, parents, coaches, swimming enthusiasts, etc. to enhance their understanding and knowledge about various aspects of swimming, help them interact and derive maximum benefits from the available opportunities.
The Vision of SwimIndia is:

  • To make all the relevant information easily accessible for Swimmers, Coaches, Parents, Swimming Clubs, Schools and Swimming Associations
  • To provide progressive opportunities for Swimmers and Coaches
  • To provide a positive and dependable interactive platform to the Swimming Community.

Vision Statement

Interact —> Inspire —> Achieve

How is it Helpful for You?

SwimIndia offers benefits to all its members. Every member can derive benefits from the information published on the website. Registered users can use the website or the mobile application to record their performance in events they participated in different meets, interact with other swimmers, coaches, nutritionists and related professionals and realise their true potential.

The Most Appropriate Feature for You

SwimmersSwimIndia provides a platform for swimmers to educate themselves on different aspects of swimming, interact with their community through friends and group activities, evaluate and improve their performance by tracking the best time among all the participated events. In short, “Fun, learning & improvement” all encapsulated in a single App.

CoachesSwimIndia provides a platform for coaches to explore about the upcoming Meets, Events happening in India and join relevant swim groups for gaining more insights into the recent happenings in the swimming world. Provides an opportunity to interact with Swimmers and coaches from different states and swimming clubs.

ParentsSwimIndia provides all swimming information like tips, news, diet, upcoming Meets, Events, best time, records of best performers, etc. Helps parents to understand different aspects of swimming and help their kids achieve their potential.

Swimming clubs, schools, associationsSwimIndia provides the best social networking platform for swimming clubs, schools, associations to create meets while spreading the word about it. They can also create swim groups to share all types of information related to swimming.