Indian Swimmers shines at Neo Garden 15th Singapore National Swimming Championships

On Day 3, Sajan Prakash came first in 100m Butterfly with a timing of 53.73 while Advait Page added another Gold to his tally in 200m Backstroke with a timing of 2:04.48.

Kushagra Rawat came 3rd in 400m Freestyle with a timing of 3:57.09.

On Day 2 of Neo Garden 15th Singapore National Swimming Championships 2019, Advait Page set the Best Indian Time in 400m Individual Medley with a timing of 4:27.94.

Sajan Prakash and Neel Roy beat Olympic Gold Medalist Joseph Schooling in 200m Freestyle. Sajan clocked 1:51.31 and Neel gave a timing of 1:51.32. Schooling stopped the clock at 1:53.16

Though it was a different event, it was thrilling to see Indian swimmers getting the better of Olympic Gold Medalist.  Schooling is the reigning Olympic Champion in 100m Butterfly. Schooling won the Gold in Rio Olympics 2016 beating Michael Phelps, Chad le Clos, László Cseh

In the same event, Kushagra Rawat finished with 1:53.17

Advait Page clocked the Best Indian Time in the 800m Freestyle with a timing of 8:00.76. Advait achieved this on Day 1 of the Neo Garden 15th Singapore National Swimming Championships 2019.

Here are the complete results from the meet:

Swimmer Name Event Time Position Comment
Advait Page 800m Freestyle 8:00.76 1 Best Indian Time
Advait Page 400m Individual Medley 4:27.94 2 Best Indian Time
Sajan Prakash 100m Butterfly 53.73 1
Advait Page 200m Backstroke 2.04.48 1
Sajan Prakash 200m Butterfly 1:58.25 1
Advait Page 1500m Freestyle 15:29.54 1
Kushagra Rawat 800m Freestyle 8:07.29 2
Kushagra Rawat 400m Freestyle 3:57.09 3
Virdhawal Khade 50m Freestyle 22.88 3
Maana Patel 100m Backstroke 1:05.59 4
Maana Patel 50m Backstroke 30.04 4
Maana Patel 200m Backstroke 2:24.80 5
Aryan Nehra 800m Freestyle 8:15.25 4
Neel Roy 200m Freeestyle 1:51.32 5
Mihir Ambre 100m Butterfly 54.16 5
Vishal Grewal 800m Freestyle 8:37.75 6
Neel Roy 100m Freeestyle 51.12 7
Suvana Baskar 50m Backstroke 30.82 8
Suvana Baskar 100m Backstroke 1:07.12 12
Kenisha Gupta 100m Freeestyle 58.31 13
Vishal Grewal 100m Freeestyle 53.50 21
Sajan Prakash 50m Butterfly 24.84
Sajan Prakash 100m Freestyle 1:51.31
Supriya Mandal 50m Butterfly 24.99
Mihir Ambre 50m Butterfly 25.31
Viraj Prabhu 100m Freeestyle 52.11
Suvana Baskar 50m Butterfly 29.74
Lohit M 200m Breaststroke 2:22.58
Lohit M 100m Breaststroke 1:05.57
Ansh Arora 200m Breaststroke 2:24.37
Jay Ekbote 200m Breaststroke 2:36.21
Divya Satija 50m Butterfly 29.16
Kushagra Rawat 200m Freestyle 1:53.17
Grewal Vishal 400m Freestyle 4:06.21
Supriya Mandal 100m Butterfly 54.43
Ansh Arora 50m Breaststroke 29.51
Suvana Baskar 200m Backstroke 2.25.53
Kenisha Gupta 50m Freestyle 26.77
Viraj Prabhu 50m Freestyle 23.43

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