Know How to Wear Swimming Goggles for a Fast Swim

Swimming Goggles, a way to safeguard your eyes by not letting the water and chlorine enter into your eyes, also permits you to have a better vision underneath the water. Swimming goggles are usually tinted or coloured in order to counterbalance the glare at outdoor swimming pools.

Distinctive Attributes of Swimming Goggles:

  • Swimming goggles enhance your recreation, amusement and speed only if worn in a right manner. It should properly fit onto your eyes, leaving no space for water to enter inside the goggles and hence, the eyes. In case, goggles are not according to the size and shape of your eyes, the water may enter your eyes, irritates them, causes vision impairment and reduces your speed of swimming.
  • Always opt for small goggles that befits properly into the orbital socket of your eyes. They should be able to exert a suction seal without leading to any uneasiness or pain. Therefore, selection of swimming goggles in accordance with the shape of your eye sockets is significant for swimming competitions.
  • Swimming goggles should be such that they don’t exert pressure on your eyeballs and at the same time, comforts and looks great on your face.
  • The swimmers using corrective lenses should wear prescription goggles for a perfect vision and a good swim.
  • A water-tight seal should be formed between your face skin and goggles.

How to Wear Swimming Goggles Correctly:

  • As long as you pull the strap of swimming goggles up and above your head with your one hand, keep on holding the lenses in front of your eye sockets using your other hand. Let the goggles strap repose comfortably at the back of the head, and at the same time, above the ears. Adjust the size of the strap, using the buckles provided in the strap, so that it fits tightly, yet comfortable onto your eyes such that no water could enter into the goggles, protecting your eyes from water. Goggles must seal your face skin comfortably.
  • With the help of your fingers, sweep out your hair entangled within the straps of your goggles. Move your fingers twice or thrice onto your forehead to free off your hair trapped beneath the goggles. Trapped hair open the seal across your face skin and goggles. This allows the water to enter the inner space between the goggles and the eyes, affecting your vision as well as your pace of swimming.
  • Always wear the goggles such that its strap is beneath your swimming cap. This aids you to affix the goggles properly and tightly into the place and streamline your body during swimming as far as aqua dynamics are concerned. In case, your goggles turn out due to some reasons while swimming, your goggles will not be lost if tied under the cap.
  • After finishing the swim, hold and pull away the goggles such that swim cap is also removed at the same time.

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