Positive Swimmer Vs Negative Swimmer

Hello Champions…

I know you all are great swimmers but are you a POSITIVE swimmer?

Being an International swimmer and a Sports psychologist myself, I would like to help you understand how POSITIVE thinking and thoughts can help you perform better.

Have you all heard the famous quote “The Body achieves what the mind believes”

Positivity in sports has always been associated with confidence. Having positive self-talk before the race can increase the level of self-confidence. When the swimmer’s self-confidence level is increased before the race the performance will be much better.

Let me give you an example…

There were 2 swimmers Swimmer ‘A’ & Swimmer ‘B’ who competed against each other ever since they started competitive swimming. Both these swimmers were of the same age group and performance levels.

SWIMMER ‘A’ was very confident before his races and he always had positive self-talks and made positive statements to himself such as

SWIMMER ‘B’ used to get really tensed before his races due to which he always looked restless before his race. He had negative thoughts and was constantly worried about the outcome of the race. Most of his negative statements were

Can you guess which swimmer swam well and why?

Yes of course swimmer ‘A’ swam well as he was very confident due to which he was more focused on himself and on winning his race. Swimmer ‘B’ did not swim well simply because he had lost 50% of his race to swimmer ‘A’ mentally.

Swimmers all I want to say to you all is to have positive self-talks before the races as it has a direct impact on the performance.

Be positive, Stay positive, and Think positive because you are a WINNER.

Shubha Chittaranjan
Sports Psychologist, International Swimmer & Ekalavya Awardee

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