Swimmers Get Nutritional Assistance from Rashmi Cherian, Registered Dietitian and Certified Sports & Exercise Nutritionist

Rashmi Cherian Nutritionist

Rashmi Cherian, the founder & owner of Wellness Vows, is a Registered Dietitian with the Indian Dietetic Association and a Certified Sports & Exercise Nutritionist. She is a professional speaker, nutrition expert for various media outlets, and contributor to different magazines & newspaper columns. She has also been featured on Television & Radio.

She has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over a decade, working primarily in elite level sport, with a wide variety of global clients including Swimmers, Racers, Tennis players, Badminton players, Triathlon runners, Cyclists, Footballers, Basketball players, Cricketers, Golfers, etc.

Currently she is the Official Sports Nutritionist for Birel Art (Italian Motorsport Organization) and Consultant Sports Nutritionist for various academies including badminton, tennis, football, etc. in Bangalore. She is also a Faculty Member (Board of Directors) at Sports Management & Research Institute, Kerala. 

She works on nutrition education and supplementation of players as well as advising on catering schedules, hydration and recovery strategies. Known for her very practical approach, she has extensive experience in delivering nutrition education programmes.

Other than her professional endeavors, she also loves to do research & analysis on various nutritional strategies for different sports.
She follows a simple mantra in life: “Take care of your body and it will take care of you”

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