Mihira A R Khopkar, Sports & Clinical Nutrition Consultant, will Provide Complete Nutritional Assistance for Swimmers

Mihira A R Khopkar
B.Sc. Dietetics, M.Sc. Sports Nutrition

Mihira A R Khopkar is a Sports & Clinical Nutrition Consultant based in Mumbai. Having been a National Gold Medalist in Swimming, Mihira was determined to pursue a career in Sports Nutrition in order to educate and guide athletes on nutrition for performance enhancement & well-being.

An avid writer on Health, Nutrition & Lifestyle, Mihira contributes rigorously to the BPositive Magazine and occasionally lends quotes to leading newspapers.

While a strong inclination towards research has led Mihira to co-conduct research studies on: Nutrition & Fitness profiles of swimmers, cricketers and marathoners; the strong desire to create awareness on nutrition has led Mihira to deliver lectures on Sports Nutrition, Exercise Physiology and Basic Nutrition at colleges and academic institutions in Mumbai.

Mihira aims to provide optimum nutritional guidance to individuals to improve and maintain maximum performance, prevent injuries, and maintain immunity throughout life.

SwimIndia and Mihira will be answering all your Diet & Nutrition related queries. 

Send in your queries to queries@swimindia.in

Mihira will also be available for appointment-based consultations, feel free to send in your requests