Train Your Body for Swimming with These Easy-to-Perform Moves

Yearn to be a good swimmer! Just with some exercises integrated into your daily schedule and a well-balanced food.

  • Warm-up
  • Stretch out
  • Mobilise and
  • Keep away from injuries

This is all it takes to excel in swimming. Plan out your training sessions based on age and potential. Never overdo any sort of exercise as it results in fatigue and repetitive injuries, not allowing the body to restore back its energy and liveliness. Excess of exercising deteriorates your performance.

Due to the absence of ground contact forces while swimming, you need to maintain posture and stiffness (spine) of the body in water, which is possible only through perfect practicing.

Best Exercises to Improve Swimming:

  1. Exercises for lower body:
    • Swim start Jumps:
      • Parallel stance jumps: The hands touch the ground with the arms positioned parallel to the legs, followed by a jump to reach up. Try to hold for 2 seconds on all jumps.
      • Track Start Jumps: It incorporates toe to heel relation. Keep 1 foot ahead of other, touch the ground and jump to reach up.
      • Split Squat Lunges: To acquire more power, open up the hips. The back leg knee must be positioned at the back of the hip.
    • Anterior reaches:
      • Raise your arms up sideways of your head.
      • Keep your right foot forward and left foot toe to heel. Touch right foot with your left hand. Come up to stop sign position.
      • Raise your left leg and try to balance standing on a single leg.
    • Triple threat hams
    • Single-legged Kick Drags:
      • Opt for exercising hips muscles under a load in order to execute powerful kicks.
  2. Alignment and Core:
    Execute the following exercises for 15 seconds, try to get 35-40 repeats in the prescribed time-limit and the ball must be about 12-14 pound heavy.

    • Side to Sides: The ball touching the wall but not the hands; widen your elbows.
    • Diagonals: From above the right shoulder, move diagonally towards the left hip and repeat with other side.
    • Woodchop: From above the right shoulder, move downwards between the legs. Then, moving towards left shoulder, again reach between the legs.
    • Dead Bug – Contralateral
    • In and Outs
    • Toe Touches
    • Knee Holds 2-3 seconds
    • Hold your body, resting on abdomen
    • Swimmers: One Arm Alternate
    • Swimmers: Single Arm
  3. Shoulder Stability:
    • T- Push ups: Rotation of shoulders as well as core
    • Free Style Rope Prone
    • Backstroke Rope Supine

The exercises aid you to swim better only and only if done on regular basis and if, are consistent with your cardiovascular capability

Well-Balanced and Nutritious Food – a way to acquire energy required for excellent Swimming:

Emphasize on eating fresh fruits and vegetables, sources of proteins (pulses), low-fat dairy products and whole grains in addition to lots of oral hydrates and fluids.



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